Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to School?

Does it not frustrate anyone that they always seem to advertise back to school only a fourth or a half of the way through the summer? Everyone already knows why, it's because if they can't have parents spending money half way through the summer, then they're going to have to get them to spend money half way through September. People must be more willing to part with money in the summer.

Five cent notebooks and binders aside, it makes no sense to me anyways, with the greater and greater emphasis on standardized testing and teaching to the tests, why kids these days would need the real money-making items, like "markers" and "scissors."

Secondly, why are all these back to school adverts and paraphernalia always rendered in either child scrawl, play magnet letters, or cutesy A-B-C stylization? I was certain "back to school" meant that high-schoolers are going back to school too. But that's the only part of this that makes sense--they're not as important to this shopping season because all they're going to need are those 5 cent notebooks and binders.

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