Friday, December 5, 2008

New Jersey Raising Drop-Out Age

Here's an email I received from the National Youth Rights Association concerning youth in New Jersey. It's considered a step backwards for youth rights because it's another move to further prolong "adolescence" at the expense of youth, simply because shortening adolescence (such as has been suggested by prominent individuals like Robert Epstein and more recently Newt Gingrich) is neither culturally acceptable or marketable to people who can vote (the parents of these kids who push educational conformity for the sake of "success") and ultimately who foot the bill for their education. This is all the more reason for lowering the voting age as well.

They want what's best for New Jersey youth, but only if they can force them to accept no other alternatives than what they feel is best. They could be embracing New Hampshire's proposed model--speeding up the process of graduating gifted students--instead of forcing them to be held back where they're rendered useless...but that's a choice the New Jersey people are going to have to live with should they adopt it.

Here's an opportunity to make a difference for youth rights, especially for those of you who live in New Jersey.

The New Jersey state legislature is considering a bill to increase the compulsory schooling age from 16 to 18. This bill would mandate that 16- and 17-year-olds remain in school even if they don't want to be there and have nothing to gain from it. It is a step backwards for youth rights in New Jersey, and we should loudly and clearly oppose it.

To read the bill, go to this website and look for bill 375:

or go here to read the full text:

Here is another site with useful information about the bill:

If you live in New Jersey, please contact your state legislator and ask him or her to oppose this anti-youth bill. Talk about it with your friends and family, and write letters to the newspaper in opposition. If you don't live in New Jersey, encourage everyone you know who does to oppose this bill and contact their legislators about it. This is major anti-youth legislation, and we need to work to oppose it.

Justin Graham
Board of Directors
National Youth Rights Association


  1. keep the drop out age as it is. if kids want to leave dont just force them to stay in school a prisoner. try to solve theirreason for wishing to leave

  2. school sucks thats why i had to drop out no one helped me with nothing

  3. ask kids why they want to drop out. then help them solve the problem its better them having them drop out or go traunat.

  4. chris christie is a big fat disgusting pig who cares more about the rich pigs of nj then the night school programs he might end.if he would sigh the millionaire tax the night school programs can stay. but no he had to go veto it so the rich can stay richer and hell to the drop outs who wish to better dare he. he betrayed all nj residents. tax the rich an extra 2 percent they can afford it if it will keep thenight schools open. they always say stay in school then when you do christie kicks you out to save his fellow wealthy pigs 2 percent on their tax bill.disgraceful i say sigh a petion and have gov chris 'the fat slob'christie recalled from office before he causes more damage. also call and write him and tell him what a pig he is.

  5. chris christie only cares about the rich he'll cut from the schools. healthcare.emergacy services. anything to keep them in money. i'm goen have to leave night school because he ended the funding and vetoed the millionaire tax that would of continued funding. he cries like a school girl for 5 mounths that the state is broke and cuts all funding in site then when the state comes up with a solution to avoid the cuts by simply taxing the rich an extra 2 percent what does he do he vetos it.schools will suffer for years to come because christie wont tax rich people. whats more important an education or 2 percent of a millionaires income. what a great guy you all voted for. hell with the students trying to better themselves in night school. lets give all the states school money to the wealthy. impeach christie he's human toilet waist.

  6. chris christie should be impeached. he's giving all the school money to the wealthy. nomore night school for people wanting to better themselves.just because he vetoed the millionaire tax. he cries like a school girl that nj has no money then when the state says lets tax the rich 2 percent that'll give you all the money you need to save the night schools what does he do he vetos it. great guy. chris christie is a piece of human toilet waist.

  7. chris christie is a slob who values millionaires money over our education system. he'll rather see night school programs ended. peoples last chance at a good life. then to simply tax the rich an extra 2 percent. what a disgrace. he betrayed us all. call. write e-mail him all hrs of the day and tell him to knock off what he's doing before its too late. christie you;re a fat pig rolling in the mud counting all the money yopu stole from us.

  8. showering after gym class should be ended. if so i feel the drop out crisis will end.its worth a shot at least. besides whats more important doing class work or showering