Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charged for Finding Lost Girl

Everyone needs to see this, because if we don't see it, our society will never learn. Here we have a 14 year old kid facing a charge for kidnapping because he (and his mom) tried to help a lost three-year-old girl find her mother in a store. Sure, taking the child outside the store was probably not the wisest move, but if he really was trying to kidnap the child, resuming his shopping itinerary after the incident would have been an even worse one. As it happens, he showed no resistance in handing the child over to her mother when they eventually did meet.

He was promptly arrested and carried out of the store facing media crews who seemed to already have the story in mind before even asking the questions.

The Sentinel underplayed the story inside the local section: "A small child is safe and a teenager is in custody after an attempted abduction.''

In the public eye, Edwin was busted and convicted. And don't think his friends, neighbors and classmates don't know. But look at the evidence. We have the little girl's mother losing track of her daughter. We have Edwin's mother not taking the girl from Edwin and turning her over to a store employee. And we have Edwin in handcuffs.

I'm not sure the problem here is with the 14-year-old.

This effectively signals the end of Samaritan-ism. We can all play Who Killed Cock Robin here, but in the end, everyone had a roll in creating a problem where there wasn't one, and ultimately, a youth that will never ever again try to help anyone, no matter what. And who could blame him?

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