Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Symbol of the Youth Movement

Here's my design for a potential symbol for the Youth Movement--a skewed Mobius Strip design of any color, one circle being physically larger than the other, but both being equal in the width of their outlines. The idea is that they are interconnected, the young and the old--one can not exist without the guidance and teaching of the other--one circle is no more important to completing the strip than the other. Any action or policy done that serves to seperate one from the other causes the destruction of all.

In one direction along the strip, the young takes in part of the larger circle--the experience and wisdom gained by time--and in the other direction lends part of itself to help complete the larger one--the ideas and insight of a new perspective. Anything other than this cycle of give and take between the old and young is destructive. Let both the young and the old share in the world as we know it.

The idea is that it ought to be simple enough to draw in the sand, a simple design that can easily be reproduced on pins, flags, can be instantly recognizable, and easily drawn by hand and reproduced over and over and by all people, even young children.

(If you like it, feel free to distribute it far and wide to promote youth empowerment, youth rights, anti-ageism, anti adult-centrism, or anything else dealing with youth and children)

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