Wednesday, March 17, 2010

School Lunches: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The inedible school lunch is one of the most recognizable jokes in our culture, and yet it remains largely forgotten about by mainstream society despite the fact that kids have been cringing for decades. And it's easy to forget, because after all, those making the decisions (the adults) aren't the ones who will be staring down those endless trays of spongy pizzas, mystery meats, and soggy greens day in and day out.

But one teacher is working to change putting those lunches in the face of adults everyday for a change. Mrs. Q over on The School Lunch Project blog has committed to eating school lunches every day and posting her experiences with pictures. The results? Some good, some bad, some ugly.

But think for a moment, how would you feel, as an adult, having to eat this food every day of your life? Or maybe you're still in school and actually do. Mrs. Q adds extensive commentary and analysis on this issue, and obviously the school lunch issue is very complex, but I'll attempt to simplify the basic reason why nothing much is changing:

1. Nutritious = expensive... Tostitos = cheap
2. Good food = costly to prepare... Cheap food = easy to prepare
3. Bad tasting = well... adults don't have to eat it.

A better alternative? Make sure you check out this post where our brave teacher lays out a few guidelines on how to make school lunches better.

This is why I brown-bagged it for 12 years.

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