Monday, August 31, 2009

Air France Discriminates

Air France no longer allows men to sit next to unaccompanied children less than 12 years old. Translation:

The French airline Air France no longer allows unaccompanied men to sit next to unaccompanied children of less than 12 years.

"This happens for safety reasons," said a speaker of the airline on Monday in Paris. No further explanations were given by the spokeswoman. The rule does not apply to women.

According to the information of the magazine "Le Point" this goes back to a series of complaints in the USA according to which passengers have behaved immoderately when seated next to unaccompanied children. Part of Air France pilots consider this rule pointless and refuse to apply it, the paper writes. British Airways had opted for the same rule in 2006, which attracted criticism from men who felt discriminated against.

"This happens for safety reasons." No further explanation.

You'd think their PR department could do better than that. If that's their only reason, then it's a stupid reason. And if such is really done for safety reasons, why not include 13 year olds? Are they any more safe from in-flight molestation? This is nothing more than sickening sexism and paranoia.


  1. Ugh, not another airline. Yeah, right, like you could seriously get away with molestation when you're with a plane load of people! Especially when unaccompanied kids usually have the flight attendants paying extra attention to them. Disgusting sexism aside, this still is boggling.

  2. A list of things I did as a kid in the 50s and 60s...

    Skinny dipping with adult priests in a deep dark wood...

    An all male sleep over with adult priests, me wearing Y fronts and a big smile...

    I could go on for ever, but why bother, my list of, so called, dangerous stuff is far to long.

    Did I get molested, fiddled, or undone in any way during these deliriously fun filled adventures?

    No, not once... not even when I played physically, but quite innocently with those, so called, dangerous adults.

    Adults are 99.9% safe with kids at any time in any era

    Less than 1% of adults are deluded enough, brutal enough, stupid enough to molest a child.

    Having said all this... child molesters are out there. These amoral predators, when caught, hit the headlines and make most people furious, it’s a fury that joe public do not feel for any other kind of criminal... why? because right minded people feel, quite rightly in my opinion, that kids are precious, kids are a gift from god. Kids must be loved and respected, as kids... They must not be sexually molested, by anyone, for any reason.

    This hyper protective instinct has got out of hand these days. 99.9% of safe, caring adults are now treated as prime molester suspects, just for making eye contact with some cute child.

    Then we have the modern equivalent of the medieval inquisition, complete with show trials, bizarre thought crime legislation and other iniquities... All a product of, Pedo Hysteria.

    Some extreme examples of your average Pedo-Hysteric...

    Parents who would rather their child run into the street and be hit by a car, than have some scary adult stranger gather him or her up... before the fatal impact.

    To protect themselves from unjust accusations, possibly leading to traumatic, not to mention, expensive legal ramifications, most modern adults have a... ‘Hands Off’ other people’s kids policy, even when that other person’s kid is in imminent danger.

    See a boy being beaten to a pulp by a big bully... Do not get involved...

    Why? Because, to the Pedo-Hysteric, beaten and bloody sons are better off in a trauma ward than saved by a scary stranger in a public park. To the Pedo-Hysteric, sex is the very worst thing that can happen to their child, worse than being beaten to a pulp by the local mini thug... even worse than being killed by a car on our busy streets.

    Sad, but true.