Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tyler Frost- Teen Prom Suspension

Tyler Frost's story has been all over the internet. The Ohio high school senior was told that if he attends his girlfriend's prom with an "intent to dance," he was facing suspension and would not be allowed to graduate. This comes after 13 years of a clean record with his Christian private school, where they have a strict "no dancing, rock and roll, and holding hands" policy.

The controversy is that the prom took place at another school where that academic policy didn't apply. As to issues about this being a "problem with religious intolerance," his school has the right to enforce whatever academic policies it sees fit and apply them to him so long as he is a student on that school premises. The real issue here is how those policies can apply to him when he's "out and about?"

The student's family is planning to sue the school for the decision.

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