Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anti-"Child Protectionism"

The image to the right is a rough chart of the industry perpetuating child protectionism. Note, nowhere is "children's safety" a motivating factor. Instead, money-trails, votes, and ideological convenience abound everywhere you look. And though it may seem complicated, it's all very simple. The only thing this over-protectionism protects though is the stability of the adult systems profiting off it's perpetuation. (Click to enlarge.)

Here's an opinion of a friend of mine:

I will say that I can understand why parents and caregivers adopt extreme protectionist values...the way they are presented is like 'an offer you can't refuse', that if you express any kind of resistance you'll be accused of not loving your kids or whatever. That is not to say that I empathize with those people. Indeed, I'm disgusted that independence and freedom are of so little value that people would rather forfeit them to lay on the couch watching TV instead.
School administrators are by far the most frequent and aggravating abusers...the absurdity of their protectionist policies often has no logical explanation beyond protecting the staff from their own incompetence. Protectionist education policies are exceptionally difficult because of their repetitiveness...constant apprehension over having to deprogram your child induces prolonged stress.
Protectionist abuses by CPS, the cops, and neighbors were less worrisome, as they were essentially random intrusions of no lasting significance. An example would be the time my younger friend was accosted by the police as he attempted to walk one hundred yards down our alley to his friends house. I don't care what they want the uniform to symbolize, my young friend isn't obliged to reveal his name, address, destination or provide any explanation whatsoever for his legal behavior. The Police declare that compliance with such questions makes their task of child protection easier, but they fail to acknowledge the people who didn't ask and don't need their 'assistance', In my house, uniforms and badges merely promote 'strangers' to 'gun-toting strangers'.
Just so you know, independence is an essential element of Anti-protectionism.
Teaching children the truth about the 1 in 30 million possibility of encountering Jack The Ripper is part of it. Teaching them to express Righteous Indignation when the System intrudes on their life is essential, especially when The Police equate 'child protection' to scaring kids off the streets (makes their job easier).
The parenting variant, I've only observed that as a third party, but I've seen more than enough to know that where the other two scratch, this one slices...bleeds. Personally I'd most like to see this one go down, but I don't think it's possible to directly attack it. Here you have what equates to a Maximum-Security Prison controlled by wardens who cannot be reasoned with.

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