Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Win is a Youth Victory

By almost every poll and estimate, the youth of the United States, those voters between 18 and 30, were one of the key demographics behind Obama's winning of the presidency.

Not only should this be a congratulation to all those who could vote, who got out the vote in this election, but also for the numerous young people not old enough to legally vote, who campaigned for and helped register new voters all across the country. Together these two entities proved the old adage that the youth vote was the only demographic that ought to be ignored summarily false, and have vindicated the power of their voice, hopefully for years to come.

"The Pew Research Center predicted the millennial generation would offer up 58 million eligible voters this year, about one-quarter of the total electorate—this is only second in size to the baby boomer generation that dominated politics during the last century. It has been a steady climb, with voters under 30 making up 14 percent of voters in 2000 and 16 percent in 2004 according to Pew."
Don't ever say that because you can't vote, all those of you under the ridiculously arbitrary line in the sand age limit, that you can't make a difference or be a force to be reckoned with. If you campaign, you are a voice, regardless of whether it's legally represented. You worked hard leading up to this, spreading the word, campaigning for your candidate, keep up the good work hereafter, and we might see some change coming your way soon enough.

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